Where do I begin?

Okay, it has been A LONG TIME since I have posted. My job has gotten busier with a new position added to the one I already hold. The weekends have also been packed with lots of summer fun. Happy June 1st!!! It was a beautiful day and weekend for exercise and being outside in general.

Hmm…I guess I will recap two weekends ago. After a 7 mile run in the morning, Damian and I decided last minute to go to a Nationals game. He bought tickets online, we get there and the tickets were for the next day’s game, then we went to exchange them but couldn’t because they were bought online, so we got discounted club seats for Saturday’s game. Awesome seats!

photo 1 (45)

Oh yeah, we were like 2 hours early to the game (because the Sunday time was earlier than Saturday’s). It was pretty cool to watch the warm-ups, eat, and sit down before anyone else was sitting around us.

photo 2 (46)

The next day….I was back at Nationals stadium for another game! This time my Mom came with me because Damian had to drive back to North Carolina.

photo 4 (38)

Time for a #selfie

photo 3 (40)

Mom and Ian Desmond 🙂

photo 5 (29)

Comparing myself to the baseball players…pretty close.

photo 4 (39) Thanks to Damian for another great set of seats. My Mom had her fingertip on a foul play that bounced into our section, but an old man grabbed it and gave it to a child. So at least the child ended up with it haha. What a great view of the game.

photo 2 (47)

You HAVE to try the DMV dog at Nationals stadium. It is a DC hot dog, with Maryland crab, and Virginia ham. Delish! My Mom and I split this amazing-ness:

photo 1 (46)

Okay flash forward through the work week, including a few 3 mile runs after work, and it was Memorial Day Weekend spent in North Carolina. This is the highlight of the weekend, time spent with Damian at the beach. Another sunny and 75 degree day, can’t ask for anything better. Also, it was warm enough to swim in the water. Damian was in and out so quick I missed it though…..


Fast forward again through another long and tiring work week. This Saturday morning I ran with a group of Fleet Feet friends and we ran 8 miles! My sister and I ran together the whole time. Then we had a post-run brunch party at our house.

We then went to pick strawberries, I highly recommend it. It brings back childhood memories.

strawberries2 strawberries

Then we saw the movie: A Million Ways to Die in the West. It was funny at parts but it is a certain kind of humor that I don’t always get. But it was funny so you should decide for yourself if you want to see it!

Today was a relaxing day filled with a recovery run of 2.5 miles, watching the dogs swim in the creek, and getting a massage.

Does the weekend have to end??? Have a great week!!!!


The best part about my weekend was strawberry picking!

What was the best part about yours?

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Adventures in cooking and a painting class. Who am I?

First of all, we are babysitting Hobie’s (black lab) Dad, Surf, for the week. Surf is the handsome old man on the left. Neely is in the middle and Hobie on the right. It has been a good time with these three together in the home. I took all 3 on a walk this afternoon and they actually did well.

photo 1 (43)

Saturday morning we got in a solid 4 mile run in HOT weather. WOW it got hot outside fast. Can you tell?

photo 2 (43)

On Saturday afternoon we went on a tour of Flying Dog Brewery near Frederick, MD. It was awesome and so much fun. Here are pictures behind the scenes at the brewery.

photo 3 (37) photo 4 (35)

After the tour we ate dinner with friends at Famous Dave’s. I had brisket and it was delicious. No picture of the food or the group but a picture of me and Robin. 🙂 We sat outside by the fireplace!

photo 5 (26)

SUNDAY- Happy Mother’s Day to my Mom, who is the best. #throwback

photo (19)

My sister and I went shopping for Mother’s Day dinner side dishes at Wegmans. Then later on we went on a run with family and a few friends at the Fleet Feet store. On the way home, we had to get slurpees (after another HOT run). Just what I was craving.

photo 1 (1)

We cooked crab stuffed mushrooms and I made a fruit salad. Major props to my sister Robin for preparing the crab stuffed mushrooms. It was a team effort to make the side dishes to go with the burgers my Dad was grilling.

photo 3 (38) photo 2 (44)

I think this girl missed me when I was out and about. She sits and waits for me to come back to my room and pet her.

photo 5 (27)

Fast forward a few days to yesterday, Tuesday. I went to a painting class with my sister and friend and it was awesome. I definitely recommend VisArts in Rockville. We loved it. I look too happy to be there even before we started painting. I was just happy to not be at work or in traffic anymore.

photo 2 (45) photo 1 (44)

The masterpiece BEFORE:

photo 3 (39)

and AFTER:

photo 4 (37)

I don’t even know who I am anymore, helping to prepare crab stuffed mushrooms and painting a picture on a canvas. I like it though. I am enjoying new adventures as well as enjoying my runs.


The best part about my week was the painting class. Such a different experience and an awesome one.

What was the best part about your week?

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Commuting 3 hours a day is no fun! Is it Friday yet?

Happy Wednesday! Is it Friday yet though? This week has been so busy with work that I am ready for the weekend so I can get in some running and relaxation. Robin and I already made plans to get frozen yogurt as well and maybe get a manicure. Work has been messing with my normal running with people at Fleet Feet and I don’t like it! Plus, the commute is usually an hour to work and 2 hours home in rush hour traffic. However…..I am blessed to have a job!

Speaking of the weekend, last weekend was a good one, which was spent in North Carolina. Just a few months left of traveling there, then Damian and I will be livin’ in Virginia.

Here are some weekend highlights:

I was able to get to NC early enough for dinner on Friday evening. We went to Friday night flights at Clawson’s, one of our favorite places in Beaufort, NC. A free beer tasting, the first Friday evening of each month, and then we had dinner (I had crab cakes).


Saturday morning we went for a bike ride in the beautiful weather. I think my bike needs a new tire because every time we go to ride, my tire is almost flat and needs more air.


Later it was beach time at Atlantic Beach. This is from my instagram. Livin’ it up on this beautiful day!

ImageWe then watched the Kentucky Derby at home and celebrated with a cinco de mayo themed dinner. Tacos, chips, and margaritas.


On Sunday, we got in a run ( I have no pictures of it), and then we went to catch a movie, The Other Woman. Afterwards, the party continued at Ruddy Duck restaurant in downtown Morehead City. Love the food and the view.


I ordered fish tacos! You must order these if you go to Ruddy Duck Tavern.


Damian ordered the same meal. 🙂 We do that often.


This week so far has been spent working, running, and watching the Voice. Yesterday I got in a run after work, a quick 5K (2 hours after getting a frappuccino for frappuccino happy hour @ Starbucks). Phew I was sweaty, again I’m not sure why I include these sweaty photos.


I hope you have a great Wednesday and great workouts this afternoon. I’ll be at work this evening, so have a great workout for me!


The best part about my week, was definitely the beach time with Damian this past Saturday. I have missed summertime and sunshine at the beach.

What was the best part about your week?


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I freaked out for a minute.

Most importantly….FRAPPUCCINO HAPPY HOUR at Starbucks starts tomorrow. Half price fraps. May 1-10. 3-5 pm. SO so so so excited.

Second, the weather has been a bummer the past few days in the DC area. However, I feel fortunate that it has not been worse. My husband literally drove through a tornado warning zone in North Carolina last Friday on the way up to see me. I read his text “There’s a tornado warning in Greenville,” which was the direction he was headed. Very thankfully, he was safe and made it past the weather. I freaked out for a minute.

After the weather scare, the weekend in Maryland was beautiful. My sister Robin, Damian, and I ran 6 miles this past weekend @ 9:03 pace. The weather was around 50 degrees, just right. It was followed by Starbucks iced coffee and a chocolate sprinkle donut. Perfect! After getting ready, Damian and I went to get some snacks for a picnic. 🙂

We saw these at Target. I am very curious about how they taste:

photo (18)

Damian and I had a great time at Sugarloaf Mountain Vineyard. I wish I took some pictures because the weather was beautiful Saturday. Sunday, Damian had to leave (boo) but I had a massage appointment (yay). It was a relaxing 1.5 hours and my sore running muscles felt great afterwards.

Monday morning I ran 3 miles with my sister, at the soccerplex. No pictures again. I am slacking lately!

Then….the rain came in full force the past few days. It is has been raining non-stop, including pouring rain in high quantities and thunderstorms. As I was sitting in the house today, I realized that there was a leak in the ceiling. I set up a bucket to catch the rain.

photo 4 (32)

After running some errands, I came home to these guys waiting in the window. They are the cutest:

photo 5 (24)

I introduced you to my cat CJ in the last post. She has been following me around so much lately. She is my shadow. She even woke me up last night at 2:30 am; I guess she was afraid of the thunderstorms.

photo 2 (40)

Another blurry one:

photo 1 (40)

Lastly, we were crazy today to try to run in the rain. I guess we thought, oh it is slowing down. But NO, as soon as the group met at Fleet Feet, the rain started pouring down and thunder and lightning began. I definitely draw the line at thunder and lightning. I don’t want to risk my life to get in a run. So…we ran about 1 mile total.

Tomorrow is supposed to be sunny and warm. Also, it is the Cinco de Mayo fun run at Fleet Feet. I am looking forward to it. Pinatas, margaritas, chips and salsa, raffle for prizes, a 3 mile run, and great company.

Have a great day & weekend! I am on the road again to North Carolina this weekend!


The best part about my day was seeing my running friends.

What was the best part about your day?


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An increase in running motivation & meet my cat CJ.

I think the change in the weather is bringing about a change in my running motivation! I was still out there running in the freezing weather, but I could tell how great it felt to run fast recently in the perfect running temps. Last week, I felt the best I have in awhile when I was running a 6 miler with some Fleet Feet runners. We ran it in an 8:30 pace, 2 of those hilly miles being around 8:00 min pace. I am starting to feel more motivated to get back into the shape I was in before I went to graduate school (when I ran a 1:47 half marathon). What motivates you to stick to your training? I would say for myself that running with other people helps, temperatures that are not too hot and not too cold, and having a race to look forward to.

Another way to get motivated is by watching the Boston Marathon highlights. It is so amazing and inspirational to watch the elite runners but also all of the runners out there reclaiming the race after last year’s tragedy. It would be amazing to run in that race! Not sure I would ever qualify, but you can dream.

And my post would not be the same without some photos.

First of all, my family’s cat CJ, LOVES me. She waited until my alarm went off and then walked on top of me to wake me up today. It was too early for her to be in my face. I’m too nice to her. She is an old lady, like 17 years old in people years, whatever that is in cat years?

photo 2 (39)

Here’s another one of me and her watching TV.

photo 1 (38)

Flashback to the weekend. Happy Easter to all of you who celebrate it. Damian surprised me with flowers and a sweet, sweet note. He is the best. It was great to spend a 3 day weekend with him at our home in North Carolina. We went for a bike ride Friday, for a short run in the rain Saturday (it rained all day) and we did an AB workout. He is a great coach; it was really tough.

photo 2 (38)

I had my Easter socks on. I am so cool.

photo 3 (33)

And of course, a delicious meal to celebrate the occasion. This meal required teamwork. Damian grilling the steaks and I made the mashed potatoes and microwaved the broccoli. I had a very tough job.

photo 4 (31)

Sunday- I had to leave to travel to my other home in MD before work Monday, and the tulips were my travel companions. All buckled in the front seat and safe for the 7 hour drive.

photo 5 (23)

My run Monday afternoon was dedicated to Boston. #bostonstrong

photo 1 (39)

I hope that you were able to enjoy nature and beautiful weather on Earth Day today. I did not run today because I ran and went to a yoga class yesterday. I was able to get out to walk the dogs today before a thunderstorm. Cannot wait to run tomorrow and Thursday.

Happy Earth Day. 🙂


The best part about my weekend was making s’mores with Damian, reminds me of the good old days of camping.

What was the best part about your week?

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The WORST 24 hours, but a great 5k.

It was a busy, busy weekend. However, there was a little hurdle before getting to the weekend and the Clarksburg 5K that I was looking forward to. On Thursday night I went with my family for the Fleet Feet fun run and was excited to sign up and pick up Damian and my race packets for the Clarksburg 5K. Then, my Mom and I went on a walk around the Kentlands while Robin and my Dad ran extra mileage before the fun run. We started the run together and I was staying up with the group I usually do, then my stomach was not having it, so I slowed down. After finishing the 3.3 miles, I had to sit down on the curb, which I never usually do. Then we went over to Pinkys to celebrate one of the runners getting their PhD, as well as enjoying the beautiful spring weather. While there, my stomach was still upset but I was hoping it would settle. We went into Chick-fil-A and it made me feel nauseous. That is NOT normal, I love Chick-fil-A. We drove home and the whole time I knew that I was going to be sick and was as soon as we got out of the car. That continued every hour until 3 am. I had caught the 24 hour stomach bug, 100% sure it was from one of the families I work with.

Anyways… the bug passed after lots of sickness, pain, rest, gatorade, kisses from the dogs, etc. Having a dog to keep you company when you’re sick, will definitely help you recover.

photo 1 (37)

Friday night, Damian arrived and on Saturday morning we were all headed to the Clarksburg 5K. Thankfully, Friday evening I was feeling well enough to eat some dinner and Saturday morning I felt well enough to do the race.

All of us at the race:

Clarksburg 5K

And even one of me running. I need some help with my running form…how do I twist my upper body like that when running?


I ran it in 24:49, an 8:00 average pace. That is not a PR for me, but probably my quickest 5K in awhile. I was not trying to push it after just having the stomach bug but ran as fast as I could for how I was feeling. The shoe charm that my parents got for me, must have been the lucky charm. USMC Represent.

photo 3 (32)

Then after the race, we had a post race party at Jack’s house nearby (wearing the headband and sitting on the ground in the group picture above). It was a great time with great people. There were even peeps donuts. AND he had planned a raffle for prizes and I won a Clif Bar!

photo (17)

After relaxing at home, my sister, Damian, and I went to Sugarloaf Mountain Vineyard for a picnic. It was beautiful outside and a great time with these two. Robin and I were SO excited for Wine Sangria. We both traveled abroad to Spain and the Sangria, or Tinto de Verano, is amazing there. I definitely recommend it.

photo 2 (37)

Last but not least, Trader Joe’s is AWESOME. The turkey meatloaf muffins were delicious and I just had to show you so you can get them too!

photo 4 (30)

I hope you all have a great Wild Wednesday!


The best part of my weekend was the race and after party. There is nothing better than running and celebrating afterwards with your friends.

What was the best part of your week or weekend?

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Mini golf champ, beach time, & Damian’s going to college.

Good morning ya’ll. I feel in the mood to use ya’ll today because I was called a local yokel of North Carolina. Technically, I am a dual citizen of North Carolina and Maryland. I am a North Carolinian and a Marylander that is currently working in Virginia. That is way too complicated. When will my life be less complicated? Like working and living in one state and Damian and I not separated by distance. Whatever, at least Morehead City, North Carolina is beautiful and the surrounding area, the “Crystal Coast” of North Carolina or Southern Outer Banks. Beaufort, NC is the #1 coolest small town in North Carolina and part of one of my favorite movies, “A Walk to Remember” was filmed there. Random fact of the day that I read on the internet.

This weekend, we woke up and ran 3 miles then biked 10 miles!!!

After brunch it was beach time:


Beautiful, beautiful day. Feels so good for the soul. I don’t know why my ankle is doing that:


ONE MORE. Take me back to paradise.


We had a competitive, not really, game of mini golf on Saturday too. He looks like a real golfer, what a pro.


I don’t know what happened on hole #18. I really was trying. I ended up as the CHAMP!


And one last comment, CONGRATULATIONS to Damian. He got his acceptance letter for college this weekend. He is going to start his college career this fall after 7+ years of service in the Marine Corps. I am so proud!!! Celebration time with a wine and cheese picnic:


On Monday, it was time to return to reality (work). Welcome back to rainy Virginia.


Countdown to Clarksburg 5K: 4 days. I got my run in this morning to prepare! A 5K run at the soccerplex in the foggy, 52 degree weather. My Garmin said it was at 8:29 pace overall.


For some reason, I felt it was necessary to take a sweaty selfie:


One last picture to leave with of the new college student.


I hope that you have a great week. And congrats to ALL Fleet Feet friends who ran the Cherry Blossom 10 miler this weekend, including my Dad.


The best part of my week was a trip to the beach, my favorite place. But the run/bike ride in the nice weather was equally awesome.

What was the best part about your day/week?


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FREE things & NEW things.

This post might be all over the place, I apologize in advance.

It does not feel so great when you haven’t lifted weights in awhile then all of a sudden you do shoulders, triceps, bench press, planks, etc. It’s been tough to take a breath today because everything feels tight/sore. It’s a good sore though because I know that my running will benefit and I missed strength training.

A picture taken yesterday from the elliptical, warming up before strength training.

photo 4 (25)

I tried the New Balance 870 v3’s on last week for a test run, really liked them, so I bought them yesterday. I am excited for fast 5K’s in them but also some longer runs. They seem to have enough support for my poor, flat, overpronating (sp?), feet. I will let you know after I run more miles in them. I don’t think I’ve owned a pair of New Balance running shoes before, not 100% sure, but 99%. They are a “light” stability shoe so you can get support with less weight to pick up with each stride. Woohoo!

photo 5 (19)

Also, I picked these up over the weekend. I am way excited to run in these Nike Capris:

photo 1 (33)

A ZOOMED in version of the pattern. So cute.

photo 2 (33)

And what is better than Iced Coffee? FREE Dunkin Donuts Mocha Iced Coffee after a great 3 mile run. (Well, the run was windy and cold but the coupon was for iced coffee).I could not resist!

photo 2 (34)

I stopped by 7 eleven after work. When I was getting gas, I read the sign above the pump and it said to text “Diet Coke” to 711711 for a free small slurpee. Don’t mind if I do on this 64 degree spring afternoon.

photo 3 (29)

Can you can call it spring yet when the weather was this yesterday (rain/sleet/snow):

photo 1 (34)

I painted my nails “peach of cake” this weekend because I am ready for spring flowers, sunshine, delicious summer fruit, and beautiful weather all around. It kind of looks orange, but oh well, it has the same sunshine feel.

photo 3 (28)

That is enough randomness for one day. Have a great one!!!


The best part about my day was what I mentioned above, free drinks. It’s the little things.

What was the best part about yours?

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I have neglected the blog for the week, I am sorry. I took a rest from running and from blogging I guess. I really do not know where all my time went??? Anyways, this weekend was pretty good for myself. How was yours? I went to North Carolina to visit Damian. I left after work on Friday and was traveling south down 95 with everyone else. I made it before midnight though! It was also light for longer. YAY, daylight savings and SPRING! However, it snowed yesterday. OVER IT.

A few pictures to capture my weekend. Well, starting last Thursday because I have a lot to catch up on.

I had to include this cuteness. Have you ever seen a dog and a cat get along so well they take naps like this??

photo 1 (31)

Thursday evening: My first run since the Rock ‘n’ Roll half, a 3.4 mile run (approximately), which felt pretty good. Magically, the knee pain that was killing me at mile 10-13.1 was gone. Afterwards at Fleet Feet, there was a representative from the Clarksburg 5K talking about the race. I will be there! There are 3 great causes the money goes to, listed on the entry form below. Come join!!!!!!

photo 2 (31)

Friday: I was at work then on the road again. North Carolina bound!

photo 2 (32)

This was the beautiful scenery at dinner along the water in beautiful Beaufort, North Carolina. I worked in this area for several months before the agency closed.

photo 1 (32) photo 4 (23) photo 5 (17)

haha… I wanted a picture with the name of the restaurant in it and didn’t warn him. The food is delicious here and the view is beautiful. I definitely recommend it. I had crab stuffed fish, forget which kind, a baked potato and some seasonal veggies. Damian had a delicious pasta dish with shrimp. No pictures of the food, sorry, but plenty pictures of us!

photo 3 (26)

Another delicious meal we had this past Saturday was at Atlantic Bread Company. I have never heard of this restaurant because we do not have them in MD. I had the turkey, avocado, and bacon sandwich and a delicious salad with fruit and nuts. Plus, we had this meal after I used a giftcard from my parents for a massage! Talk about an awesome day.

photo 3 (27)

Monday: I did not have to be into work until the afternoon to meet with a client, so I left North Carolina for the 5-6ish hour drive to VA. I stopped at the rest stop and made a call for work. WELCOME TO VIRGINIA!! I was so tired driving so far then working until 7:15 pm then driving home to MD. I do not recommend doing that, but it was worth it for another day with Damian.

photo 5 (18)

Lastly, snow on the ground means treadmill run yesterday.

photo 4 (24)

Great way to start the day with a nice 5K plus some ab work and stretching.

I hope work or whatever you are doing today goes smoothly.


The best part about my weekend was warm temperatures and signs of spring returning.

What was the best part about your week so far?

Have a great day!!!!

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Rock ‘n’ Roll Recap. Cross that off the bucket list.

First of all, this has been an interesting winter in Maryland. ANOTHER snow day today, which has totaled 10 I feel like. It is still coming down right now. Where are you spring??


The morning of the race, Damian and I woke up at 4:30 am. I don’t think I slept more than 2 hours- not the best start to the day. I was waiting for Damian to arrive from NC and got to bed late. Then I was tossing and turning, anticipating the early wake up call.

photo 1

We drove to the metro and then hopped on for the hour ride with all the other runners. It was only runners at that time of morning.

photo 2 (28)

We arrived to the race start by 6:30 am. We were an HOUR early to the race (definitely a first). Another first is that I had my cell phone with me to find my family afterwards. We used the port 0 pottys, walked over to the starting line, stretched, then went to our corral.

photo 3 (23)

FOURTH first from the race: I left a sweatshirt at the starting line. It was a little chilly before the start, especially standing around for an hour. I wore one of my sweatshirts from when I was a kid that says “Just Add Water.” I am so glad the race was donating the clothes from the starting line to charity so my sweatshirt will go to someone in need!

photo 4 (22)

OKAY- to break down my race into my splits per mile, you may be thinking, what was she doing?! I felt great at the beginning and I thought I was setting myself up for a steady, quick pace. But the fatigued legs set in quickly, felt like I was sucking in air on the hills, my feet starting killing me halfway through, and intense left knee pain made it really difficult for the last 4 miles. Other than that, the race was good (haha).

Mile 1: 8:09

Mile 2: 7:57

Mile 3: 8:21

Mile 4: 8:38

Mile 5: 8:54

Mile 6: 9:09

Mile 7: 10:26

Mile 8: 9:40

Mile 9: 9:43

Mile 10: 10:19

Mile 11: 9:58

Mile 12: 11:24

Mile 13: 10:36

.3 (must have run extra according to my Garmin): 2:42

Total Time for 13.1 miles: 2:05.53 (2:05.55 on my watch).

Therefore, the DC Rock ‘n’ Roll was pretty good. The end result was that I ran it in 2 hours 5 min (my half marathon best = 1:47). I am happy enough considering my training, how exhausted my legs felt, and my knee pain. There will be another half in the future and another chance to get a PR. My average pace was 9:37.

photo 5 (16)WE DID IT!!!!!!!!!!!! We completed a rock ‘n’ roll half. Damian got his half marathon PR= 2:10. He definitely beats me in any short distance race. 5K’s are his thang.


The best part of the weekend was my parents coming to cheer us on at the race and spending time with them afterwards. Also, the gatorade, chocolate milk, sandwich, chips, iced coffee, slurpee, etc. that I had after the race was the best!

What was the best part about your weekend?

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